Screw Air Compressor
Screw Air Compressors (Kaitec high-end series)
Screw Air Compressors (Kaitec high-end series)
☆ Dischargepressure:0.7 -1.3 Mpa
☆ Displacement:16.47-37.57M3/Min
☆ Enginepowerrange:110-200 kW
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North American Research and DevelopmentCenter: SKY Low-noise Compressors

Heavy-duty design

With a direct drive in place, it provides noiseless gearwheels

Low-speed centrifugal fan and VFD oil cooler

Air silently enters the shell and the air compressor

The Kaitec series reaches international first-rate standards with its low-noise feature

Latest generation of screw rotors (High-frequency SKY series)

Low-speed compressors are equipped with large direct-drive rotors

High efficiency, low noise, less vibration, and great reliability

The triple drive design adopts a cylindrical roller and tapered roller bearings, ensuring such bearings last more than 100,000 hours

High-precision rotors guarantee performance and reliability

Ultra-low noise

With a power of 132 kW, the Screw Air Compressors (Kaitec series) maintain a noise level as low as 73 dB, achieving international first-rate standards for low noise.

Reaching international first-rate standards with low-noise

As the heart of screw air compressors, SKY compressors enjoy a five-year warranty.

Two (2) to sixteen (16) compressors can be under centralized control, lowering systemic pressure and energy consumption. The chances of leaking compressed air can also be minimized to maintain pressure stability.

A list of product parameters is set out as below:


Displacement/discharge pressure


Noise level (db)7373757576
Length (mm)3,1103,410
Width (mm)1,6901,760
Height (mm)2,0702,140