Industrial Piston Air Compressors
Industrial Piston Air Compressors (KB assembly unit series)
Industrial Piston Air Compressors (KB assembly unit series)
☆Dischargepressure:1.25 -4.0 Mpa
☆Enginepowerrange:11-30 kW
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Industrial Medium-Pressure Compressors (KB series)

Featured with a low rotational speed, heavy-duty performance, and continuous operation, Kaishan’s reciprocating piston air compressors of the medium-pressure series demonstrates such advantages as low displacement temperature, little vibration, low noise, and low oil consumption. Despite low malfunction rates and high reliability, the entire compressor is rationally structured with a simple system that is under reliable control, which ensures stable performance. These compressors comprise a relatively complete product series, including those with mobile air storage tanks, fixed types, individual unit, and even a compressor unit with a relatively larger displacement. To better accommodate bottle-blowing machines, we design and develop an integrated compressor unit, including a medium-pressure compressor, a low-pressure compressor for compound die, an air storage tank, a filter, and an air dryer.

To ensure a powerful design for compressor heads, sufficient first-rate materials are utilized. In addition, the design of major components is also reinforced, with the size and weight of the compressor head larger than products of other manufacturers, as well as a better safety tolerance. Designed with a low rotational speed, such compressors are particularly suitable for continuous operation under heavy loads during a lengthy timeframe, while maintaining a long service life with great reliability.

These compressors are designed with special heat dissipation and airflow control. The discharge temperature is low, carbon buildup is less likely, and the efficiency is high.

The design of a ring valve bank comprises Swedish stainless valve plates and Japanese specialized valve springs. In operation, the valve plates do not experience any bending motion, ensuring excellent valve performance and service life.

Riken piston ring is endurable for a long period without the addition of oil.

The frequently quenched bent axle is particularly wearable.

As precisely balanced, the motion components operate steadily with a very low noise level.

The air filter core is made of imported filter paper, which ensures excellent filtration and noise reduction. In addition, it features long-lasting durability.

The front end contains such special design features as an oil separation structure. The breather valve does not leak oil, ensuring low oil consumption and maintaining a clean main body.

The copper bell mouth for displacement has a reasonable expanded angle with protective cover, preventing fracture and air leakage.

Branded products are used for such compressors, including pressure switch, contactor, and thermal relay, ensuring reliable control and protection.

In terms of displacement control, four options are available for users, including pneumatic automated control, electric automated control, pneumatic and electric dual control (manual switch), intelligence control (the switch between pneumatic and electric controls is subject to air consumption), which satisfy users’ different requirements.

An intelligence controller may be added for those users who experience complicated air consumption.

For medium-pressure compressors that require a relatively higher-pressure ratio, we specifically design an intercooler with a powerful capacity to maintain a relatively lower displacement temperature

Technical Data of KB industrial piston air compressors (assembly unit)
Serial numberModelCompressor componentsEngine powerDisplacementMaximum working pressureDimensions
HP/kWm3/minMpa/(kgf/cm2G)L×W×H (mm)

Technical Data of Industrial Piston Air Compressors (KB series)
Serial numberModelEngine powerDisplacementMaximum working pressureDimensions
HP/KWm3/minMpa/(kgf/cm2G)L×W×H (mm)