Centrifugal Compressors
Centrifugal Steam Compressor
Centrifugal Steam Compressor
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Product Summary:

MVR centrifugal steam compressor possesses a skid-mounted structure consisting of compressor (stator, rotating parts and sealed assembly), overdrive gearbox, driving system (variable frequency motor + coupling and protective cover), and lubrication cycle cum chassis.

Turbine is designed using world-renowned Agile professional mechanical software of CN Company of United States. The unit’s three-dimension back impeller has undergone full-viscosity CFD analysis to ensure high efficiency and wide range of working conditions for the compressor.

Advanced rotation dynamics and axle design software DyRoBeS are used along with finite element design analysis software. The latter provides comprehensive analysis of the turbine's hardness, tensile strength, modality and thermal stress, thus ensuring that rotors can operate stably over an extended period of time.

Customized design ensures that each project is capable of working at the highest point of efficiency.

Key Applications for Product:
MVR system has a wide range of applications. It is mainly used in petrochemical, fruit juice concentration, food fermentation, beverages, biopharmaceuticals, seawater desalination, and treatment of high-concentration inorganic/organic wastewater etc.

Standard Model NumberRange of Intake Air Flow volume(m^3/min)Handling Volume (ton/hour, with intake air at 85℃)Range of Saturation Temperature Increase(℃)Range of Intake Air Temperature
KCV70-85/16 60~90 1.3~1.9 8~25 50~110
KCV125-85/16 100~150 2.1~3.0
KCV200-85/16 165~250 3.5~5.3
KCV325-85/16 275~412 5.5~9.0
KCV530-85/16 450~650 9.5~14.0
KCV900-85/16 715~1100 15.0~23.0
KCV1400-85/16 1200~1800 25.0~38.0
KCV2400-85/16 1980~3000 41.0~63.0

Note: Please contact local distributor or sales personnel for other tonnage and temperature increase.