Centrifugal Compressors
Centrifugal Compressors
Centrifugal Compressors
☆Dischargepressure:0.3- 1.0Mpa
☆Enginepowerrange:400-3400 kW
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Product Summary
Ø Excellent integrated assembly design with compact structure enables easy installation and convenient maintenance and inspection;
Ø Designed using advanced NREC software (US), with turbine, a core part, being processed by CNC Center of Hermle (Germany);
Ø Turbine and diffuser independently designed according to customer’s actual work situation, with energy-consumption vastly lower than that of competitors’
Ø More energy-saving than piston-type or screw-type units, and has less maintenance parts, thus giving reduced maintenance cost;
Ø Double oil filter allows replacement of oil filter without interrupting machine operation;
Ø Membrane-style dry coupling requires no addition of lubricant for high efficiency and freedom from maintenance;
Ø Drawer-type chimney cooler for easy on-the-spot cleaning and maintenance;
Ø Each chimney cooler water pipe is equipped with manual valve for regulation of volume of chilled water to ensure chilling effect;
Ø Inspection and maintenance of sealed parts and axle bearing made simple with split-level gearbox;
Ø Advanced PLC system gives real-time monitoring of flow volume, pressure, temperature and vibration to ensure safe and stable operation of unit. It is easy to operate by users;
Ø Monitoring of axle bearing temperature and axle vibration;
Ø Air intake filter designed based on 2 times flow volume for reduced pressure loss and energy consumption and extended maintenance cycle;ØReliable sealed system design provides 100% oil-free compressed airØAir intake’s adjustable shuttle structure saves more than intake valve;
Ø ØReliable, stable and high-efficiency operation with minimal vibration and low noises;
Ø Self-contained pressure lubrication system, with primary and secondary oil pumps ensuring lubrication of gearbox;
Ø Four-level precision angle gear ensures steady operation of gear;
Ø Tilting pad axle bearing enhances operational stability of rotor;
Ø Thrust collar reduces mechanical wear-and-tear
Ø Provides 60~90℃of hot water according to customized compressed air and heat recovery solution for showering or use in technical processes.

Product Spectrum

Technical Parameters of Centrifugal Air Compressors
Product ModelRated Discharge PressureMotor Rated Powermm
Rated DisplacementMPakWDimensions

Note: Units of different displacement and discharge pressure can be customized; please contact local distributor or sales person for details.